Fun ideas to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

We are super excited for the upcoming Royal Wedding and like many of the people we know, we have started making preparations for the weekend.  

Below are some of the ideas we are implementing at our royal wedding celebrations this coming Saturday. 

-Let food reflect the diversity of the wedding. Go for the classics and give them a twist: Coronation Chicken, cucumber sandwiches, Victoria Sponge Cake and so many other British classics are a perfect food option for the upcoming Royal Wedding celebration. Meghan’s origins are a good excuse (not that we need one) to add none traditional mouth watering food to the celebration. Incorporate bite size burgers or peanut butter filled brownies for a bit of a twist and a true reflection of the couple’s mixed origins. 

-Follow the steps of the royal couple and serve bowl and finger food. Forget the BBQ and plated food opting instead for substantial canapés and small bowls of food. Variety and plentitude is key here in order for this style of serving not to feel mean. Choose at least six different dishes and make sure at least one is a salad. 

-Get organised. Discuss with the other guests what each one will bring so as to avoid repetition or too much of one thing. Don’t forget the drinks and offer none alcoholic option like an elderflower cordial.

-The Union Jack has decorated many street party tables bringing colour, fun and identity to the celebration. For a more sophisticated look, opt instead for plain white table cloths and use potted herbs and english seasonal flowers to decorate. 

-Its a national Celebration. Royal weddings are a glorious occasion and a perfect opportunity for putting aside our British reservation. Get together with those around you, what a perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbours and bond over such an joyous occasion.