We capture an audience as soon as the curtain goes up and deliver your message in colour, light and form.

We are experts in making parties beautiful, memorable but above all FUN.

Our set builders craft pieces like no other, pieces you only see on the best stages of the world. We are not talking fancy table decorations here, we are talking the height of fantasy-into-reality, a hand tailored masterpiece, a glimpse into a world usually far removed from the public. Don't throw a party, throw an extravaganza.

Our makers produce tables that are totally bespoke, unrivalled stages for your acts, customised ground floors, and many other details that will set your day apart from others and make it totally unique to you.

There is a vast number of unreliable  suppliers,  complicated regulations and possible hidden costs that one encounters when organising a party but dot worry, we are here to help and take the complications away so that you can enjoy the experience of throwing a party.