Villa del Balbianello, Amazing Venues series.

Villa del Balbianello is one of the most beautiful wedding or party venues anywhere in the world.

Boasting views over Lake Como, this stunning villa has unrivalled views, manicured gardens and buildings like no other.

This short video gives a flavour of the villa’s setting as well as it’s main event spaces: Marquee area and small pavilion. There is also an area that can be used for ceremonies or reception that is semi sheltered.

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Virtual Reality, a new way of understanding space

We believe that for high end events, a luxury wedding planner or high end party planner should have all the resources available to best convey a design proposal making sure the client understand as best as it’s possible how their event will look.

The Party Set has teamed up with an inVR app is order provide 3D exploratory space of the clients event.

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Fun ideas to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

We are super excited for the upcoming Royal Wedding and like many of the people we know, we have started making preparations for the weekend.  

Click for some of the ideas we are implementing at our royal wedding celebrations this coming Saturday. 

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Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

There are no words to express how honoured our creative Director feels for having been made a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). 

According to the internet, Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) is an award granted to individuals that the Royal Society of Arts judges to have made outstanding achievements related to the Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. Fellowship is awarded to those who can demonstrate that they have made significant contributions to social change, and support the mission of the RSA.

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London Wedding

Some of our clients have found difficult to watch the video of our London January wedding while on the go and have kindly requested we insert a gallery instead for easier reference. Honouring our client's request, below is a short slide show with pictures of that amazing day.

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Lumiere Festival 2018

We love a public celebration, seeing people come together with broad smiles and joyful attitude has to be one of the best feeling there is.  When a celebration involves creativity, we believe the mix can be intoxicating and utterly unforgettable.

Click to watch our film about the spectacular event.

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JC Interview

We were moved by the article published on the Jewish Chronicle by the unique Sharron Livingston. 

It was an honour to have been feature in the prestigious Wedding Magazine of the JC as their featured Wedding and Party planner.

Thank you JC very much for the privilege of being feature in such an important publication.

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The making of the Wedding at the Landmark Hotel

This video contains an introduction with some of the behind the scenes work that we did for the recent wedding at the Landmark Hotel. 

The idea was to share and create some understanding about the immense work that goes into producing  a large event. 

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The Mirror Maze

We thought the mirror maze was a really fun experience, brave and memorable that did not try to push the brand too hard. By being brave and bold, the experience was even more memorable attracting people from all over London that flocked to live the experience.

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Francisco Rodriguez-Weil
Same Sex Wedding in Pimlico

We did not want to pass on the opportunity to share the recent wedding we did at a lovely venue in Pimlico, London.

The fact that it was a gay wedding, it opened the opportunity for discussions as to what traditions to follow and what not to follow from weddings as we know them. 

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Intros, animations and the impact of movement

Over the years, we have supported brands that look to push boundaries and aim to stand out; playing it safe does not lead to innovation, recognition or public awareness. 

A little known aspect of our company is the work we have done on animations and brand intros for Youtube and TV adverts. Most recently, our artists developed the artwork layout for the trucks that delivered the Cadbury Cadvent campaign. In this particular case, we adjusted the original design to fit different dispositions of trucks so that it would look complete and compelling when seen from above. 

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Summer Wedding in Madrid

Francesca and Alvaro's wedding was what I would describe as my perfect wedding.

Every detail was a sign of flawless execution despite the challenging event coordination that saw people from different continents and countries meet in wonderful Madrid. 

Click to learn more.

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Best Challah Bread ever.

Our friends and clients  know how much we love baking and how often the office is filled with cakes and fresh home baked bread so this time, we thought we shared the recipes for best challah bread ever.

We share this recipe in our blog for three reasons: 1- friends and clients keep asking us for it. 2-Because we love everything to do with celebrations and sharing and Challah is the perfect example of these. 3-Because its delicious and very easy to do.

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Salad Stations, the new trend

Salad stations are fast becoming more and more popular as guests seek for lighter canapés and the diet conscious multiply.

Salad stations are also a great alternative to tray service. By placing a food station in a key are of the venue, you create a focal point and a place for people to gather around and meet. 

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