Virtual Reality, a new way of understanding space

Design is not something that comes easy to all and truly understanding ground plans and layouts can sometimes be a challenge.

We believe that for high end events, a luxury wedding planner or high end party planner should have all the resources available to best convey a design proposal making sure the client understand as best as it’s possible how their event will look.

The Party Set has teamed up with an inVR app is order provide 3D exploratory space of the clients event.

Using Google cardboard (Provided by us), our clients can scan a code and download the 3D model of their event. It is then possible to “walk” through the space and explore table layouts and how the space will work and feel on the day. The possibility of being inside a 3D model of your event is particularly helpful for those concerned about space or who find translating 2D plans challenging. Visual rendering will complement the 3D virtual reality tour for a better understanding of the finishes.

We have had an overwhelming positive response so far and we look forward to keep helping our clients gain as much understanding of their event as its possible.