Salad Stations, the new trend

Salad stations are fast becoming more and more popular as guests seek for lighter canapés and the diet conscious multiply.

Salad stations are also a great alternative to tray service. By placing a food station in a key are of the venue, you create a focal point and a place for people to gather around and meet. 

If you are planning a wedding or party in the spring, complement the salad station with a light soup or hot beverage, this will give your guests options to choose from depending on the variable weather of early summer, fruits and vegetables in case its hot or something a bit more warming if the weather varies.   

Offer several dips to add variety and make sure vegetables are cut short in order to avoid double dipping.

Decorate your food station with crates, vegetables and fresh wild flowers. Make sure the salad bar is not forgotten and that is frequently checked by the staff so that there are always clean glasses and that the used ones are taken away promptly.

The pictures below are from the wedding in Madrid last weekend but same principle applies anywhere. 

Enjoy the wedding tips and let us know the results.